Payment methods

In our online store, you can repay your order by choosing one of the following ways:


A) By cash on delivery.

Payment of the order by cash on delivery has a charge of + 1.50 €. Cash on delivery is not valid for orders from foreign countries.

Note: The possibility of cash on delivery is valid for orders that are delivered with a courier company and not with a transport company.


B) By deposit in a bank account.

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you deposit the value of the order in the MarksForKids account and then the execution begins.

Note: To avoid delays, it is necessary for the name of the depositor and the order number to be written on the proof of deposit as a reason as well as to send the deposit by e-mail sto

The details of the accounts are below:

Beneficiary : Economou Antonios

Alpha bank IBAN: GR9001408400840002002021538

Τράπεζα Πειραιώς IBAN: GR9201712290006229135603057


When you complete your order and choose to pay by bank deposit, the products are committed to you when your deposit is confirmed. If for any reason your order is not paid within 4 working days, it is automatically canceled.

Note: In case a deposit is made from another bank account, the transaction costs are borne entirely by the depositor.


D) By debiting your credit card.

MarksForKids accepts all Visa and MasterCard credit-debit cards. Your transactions are protected by an online security system, which guarantees completely secure transactions. If you choose the specific payment method, upon completion of your order, you are automatically transferred to the secure environment of the bank where you can enter your card details, in order to carry out your transaction.

If for any reason your card is not accepted and your order is not repaid successfully, it is automatically canceled.

Note: Customers outside the European Union may be subject to extra charges that may arise from exchange rate differences, customs clearance, import duties and other claims for which our company bears no responsibility.



If you want to issue an invoice the process is very simple. Simply fill in the appropriate field during the ordering process and enter the tax information we request. So you can buy products for professional use in a fast and simple way.


Purchases without VAT (only for EU countries outside Greece)

You can buy products without VAT, only if they are intended for professional use and your business is based in any country of the European Union (except Greece). The immediate VAT exemption applies only to intra-Community trade. These transactions must also be reported to Intrastat. If you maintain a company based in a country of the European Union and wish to buy products for professional use, contact us and give us your TIN. Then we will check your VAT number and if it is valid, an invoice will be issued without VAT.